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Waste collection services Cambridge

We work with public sector organisations to help them dispose of all their waste in an environmentally friendly manner, prioritising recycling over landfill at all times.

Our waste management and collection service can help public sector organisations across Britain achieve significant savings on their waste disposal costs.  We work towards a zero landfill waste policy, and can offer expert advice to all of our clients in the public sector.

<h2>Waste services Cambridge</h2>

We offer a wide range of services to our clients in the public sector.  Our service can help our clients dispose of all their waste, from hospitals looking to dispose of clinical waste to local authorities needing to offload general waste and recyclables.

We work with public sectors organisations across Britain looking to manage their waste more efficiently, dispose of their waste cost-effectively, and ensure they recycle their waste appropriately to help protect the environment.

At ahsrecycling we are proud of the green ethos we perpetuate across our services.  Disposing of waste in environmentally damaging ways is unacceptable, something which is reflected in the increasingly stringent regulations which govern waste management.  Now, it is essential for public organisations to dispose of all their waste responsibly, recycling where possible and ensuring that specialist waste such as clinical or hazardous waste is dealt with appropriately.

It is our aim to help public bodies and organisations across the UK ensure that they are dealing with the waste they produce in the most effective and efficient way possible.  We operate a network of collection teams across the UK, ensuring that all our clients receive an efficient local service that reduces both the carbon footprint of our services and the costs of our clients.

We work with our clients in the public sector to ensure they are recycling as much of their waste as they possibly can.  In this way we target waste at its source, ensuring that decreasing amounts are committed to landfill and the environmental impact of the public organisations we work with is reduced.

In addition to the waste collection services our local teams provide, our vast experience in the waste industry allows us to offer waste management services to our clients.  The waste management services we offer include consultancy services including waste audits and reports, and expert advice on the latest waste regulations.  These services can improve efficiency, leading to significant savings over the long-term, and also ensure that our public sector clients never fall foul of changing waste regulations.  This especially important for public bodies, who find themselves subject to high levels of scrutiny due to their very nature.

We aim to offer a comprehensive service to public organisations, providing them with a service they can trust to collect all of their waste and dispose of it in a responsible way.  Call our friendly customer care team today with any inquiries you may have about our service.  We can offer you a free assessment of your current waste services.

<h2>Waste services Cambridge waste collection</h2>

We can provide a number of waste services to help our public sector clients dispose of their waste in a safe and environmentally responsible way.  Our flexible service aims to offer clients exactly what they require, and to that end we collect all types of waste.

Our priority is to ensure that our clients in the public sector find it simple to recycle as much of their waste as they can.  We work to eliminate our client’s waste at source, lowering their costs in the process.  The collection service we provide operates through a network of local teams, allowing us to avoid putting more vehicles on the road and, therefore, minimise the carbon footprint of our services.

From NHS trusts to local authorities, we work with public sector organisations, collecting their waste efficiently and disposing of it safely.  From hazardous waste to clinical waste and recyclables, we can help public organisations across Britain deal with the waste they produce in an environmentally conscious way.

<h2>Our bins and containers for Cambridge waste collection</h2>

We can supply an impressive range of high-quality commercial bins and containers to our clients in the public sector. Our flexible collection service allows us to undertake collections on time frames suited to you, and we can supply bins and containers to suit.  The range of containers we can provide for our clients can cater for general waste storage and for storage of high volumes of waste.

Included in the waste storage options we offer to our public sector clients are; skips, front-end loaders, rear-end loaders, compactors, two-wheeled bins, four-wheeled bins and vehicles capable of dealing with liquid waste.  Whatever your waste storage needs, we are confident that at ahsrecycling we can offer you an effective solution.

<h2>Who we work with</h2>

At ahsrecycling, we work closely with a number of bodies and organisations in the public sector.  It is inevitable that all organisations will produce waste, and we pride ourselves in helping our clients dispose of their waste in ways which minimise any detriment to the environment.

Our aim is to help all our public sector clients implement effective and efficient recycling processes, protecting the environment and reducing their costs simultaneously.  Therefore, we offer an integrated approach to waste collections and recycling services, making it easy for the clients we work with to adapt towards a more environmentally conscious approach.

The public sector clients we work with experience an extremely efficient service, with local collection teams undertaking collections as frequently as they are required.  Our transparent service allows our customers to track waste collection online with ease, ensuring that our service will never let them down.

Here we provide an overview of public sector entities we regularly work with to help reduce and dispose of the waste they produce:

<h2>Local authorities Cambridge waste collection</h2>

We work with local authorities to help them responsibly dispose of the waste that they produce.  With a multitude of staff and across several departments, adequately managing waste can be a challenge for local authorities.

We offer a service where local authorities see their waste dealt with by professionals, ensuring that all the waste they produce is disposed of appropriately.  We collect all types of waste and can also offer waste audits and expert advice to our clients, helping them reduce their costs over the  long-term.

<h2>Police Cambridge waste collection</h2>

Police forces all over the country need to dispose of their waste, and our service allows them to do so in a cost-effective manner.  We are extremely experienced in the waste industry, and the local collection teams we work with offer a service that is unrivalled in terms of efficiency.

Our service guarantees the police forces we work with across the country that their waste will collected when they need it to be, and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  We advocate recycling of all suitable waste, and work with our public sector clients to minimise their waste volumes at source.

<h2>State schools Cambridge waste collection</h2>

With hundreds of pupils to take care of, state schools have a extremely pressing waste concerns.  Everyday, huge amounts of food waste is produced by those who attend school, and this is in addition to all other waste concerns a school has.

ahsrecycling offers a wide-range of waste services, capable of dealing with all varieties of waste from food waste to hazardous waste and recyclables.  it is of the utmost importance that schools foster a safe environment for their pupils to work, and our waste services can ensure that the waste a school produces never becomes detrimental to that aim.

<h2>Publicly-owned companies Cambridge waste collection</h2>

Our services can offer quality waste solutions for publicly-owned companies up and down the UK.  With a firm focus on our green ethos, we work to reduce waste at source, encouraging recycling at every opportunity as we strive towards our goal of helping our clients achieve a zero-waste-to-landfill policy.

Our network of collection teams across the UK allow us to offer a local service to all of our clients, reducing emissions on our part while ensuring maximum efficiency and low costs for our clients.

<h2>NHS trusts Cambridge waste collection</h2>

Our expertise in the waste industry means that the service we provide is capable of dealing with all kinds of waste.  This includes the clinical waste which NHS hospitals across the UK have to dispose of in a safe and responsible manner.

We can help provide organisations with a wealth of expert knowledge, updating them on the latest waste regulations and ensuring their processes are legitimate.  This is especially prevalent in cases such as clinical waste, where specific legislation must be adhered to.

In addition to this, we can also help NHS trusts decrease the overall amounts of waste they produce, allowing them to avoid committing huge amounts of waste to landfill, and instead working to increasingly recycle the waste they can.

<h2>Executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies Cambridge waste collection</h2>

We support a greener approach to waste management and collection, working with our clients across the public sector to realise this ambition.  Our goals is to work with our clients to help them achieve a situation where they send zero waste to landfill, and to this end we aim to tackle waste at source and implement effective recycling processes with our partners.

As experts with years of experience in the waste industry, we can offer professional consultancy services to help our clients with all aspects of their waste concerns.  From waste audits completed by account managers to advice on current legislation requirements, we aim to forge long-term partnerships  with our public sector clients based on trust and honesty.

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