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PPE Disposal Cambridge and Covid-19

PPE Disposal Cambridge and Covid-19

Covid-19 test and PPE disposal in the fight against covid-19 there is a new weapon.  

The covid-19 Lateral Circulation Test

These tests produce a result in under 15 minutes and although not as accurate as a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) test they’ve been advocated for use by the NHS. These are the tests that are currently being rolled out to schools, colleges, and universities in addition to care homes, and it’s increasingly probable they will be utilized widely in the hospitality industry, and in the “close touch ” service industry to guarantee the safety of their clientele and staff. 

Covid-19 lateral flow test kit disposal whilst the tests are relatively easy to administer there is some confusion around how to safely dispose of the test kits once used, as this has to be accomplished safely in compliance with NHS guidelines. 

Our Service In Cambridge

We have extensive expertise in managing toxic, clinical, and offensive waste, and are prepared to deal with all waste produced by the lateral flow testing program. When you choose our covid-19 test disposal service, we will supply you with appropriate containers to the waste, and collect and dispose of it to you on either a call-in foundation or a pre-agreed schedule of service. Setting an account is quick and easy — can all be accomplished by telephone and email. Please telephone us today on 03301 242 535 (local rate call) if you have any questions. 

What is included in the service?

We can offer a tailored collection package which includes: safe collection and disposal of the test kits collection and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE), clinical waste collections. 

Hazardous waste collections Cambridge 

Who needs covid-19 test disposal collections? Lateral flow test kits are currently being rolled out to schools, colleges, universities, and care homes, but it’s expected that companies in hospitality and leisure, and “close touch ” providers suppliers will also need to test their customers in the future. If you’re one of the following provider, you need Covid-19 test disposal collections:

Restaurants and pubs 

Prisons, jails and detention centres

Dental practices

Beauty therapists

Tattoo and piercing parlours 

Care homes


Clinical Waste Cambridge

Clinical waste is the expression is described as waste produced from healthcare and comparable service providers such as dentists, beauty therapists or tattoo parlours that may pose a risk of infection.  This can comprise, swabs, bandages, dressings, needles, syringes blades, or any waste which may prove hazardous to public health.  Covid-19 test kits fall under the clinical waste category.


Clinical Waste Containers Cambridge


We provide many different clinical waste solutions, and our highly trained staff will discuss your requirements and advise of their very best solution to meet your waste needs. We have extensive expertise in managing hazardous, offensive and clinical waste, and we’ll always make sure that your environmental Duty of Care duties are fulfilled. Our clinical waste elimination comes in many types, and how each type of waste is treated is obviously defined by regulations. When you choose our clinical waste service we’ll provide you with suitable containers for your waste, and collect and dispose of it for you on a call-in basis or a pre-agreed schedule of service. Setting up an account is quick and simple — can be accomplished by phone and email. Please telephone us today on 01223 902 750 (local rate call) if you have some questions.

Types of Clinical Waste

Hazardous waste: any portion of clinical waste which includes an infectious element.

Non-hazardous clinical waste: clinical waste that does not pose a disease danger and that does not include other materials that might make the waste hazardous (such as cytotoxins).

Offensive waste: non-hazardous but nevertheless requires special labelling, storage, and disposal.  It’s non-infectious waste which may be disagreeable or cause danger to people coming in touch with it.

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