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Hospitality and Events Food Waste Collections Cambridge

Hospitality and Events Food Waste Collections Cambridge

From pubs, restaurants and resorts, to leisure complexes, festivals and major sporting events, waste business can assist you and your business reduce waste, increase recycling and achieve environmental aims.

Waste company delivers comprehensive waste solutions to 1000’s of companies within the hospitality and events industries every day.  From dedicated food collections, to commodity processing and collection, our unrivalled infrastructure means we can self-deliver scheduled collections nationally and provide our customers with control and visibility over their waste requirements. Our hospitality waste control and events waste management companies include:

overall waste

dry mixed recycling


food support hazardous waste

unplanned waste

 At Waste firm we understand you want to invest less time managing waste and much more on serving up support to your customers and guests.  This is why Waste company provides dedicated support and works alongside you at a strategic level to decrease waste at source, boost recycling and reevaluate your services to deliver environmental targets while encouraging your daily operations.  If you’re after bin hire for events, or need occasion recycling bins to support your business, we can assist.

Key Regions of Service:

price management

health & safety

training & participation environmental wellbeing optimised collections

csr targets & support.

Request your own free quote utilizing our easy-to-use tool and buy your new business waste contract online today.  Should you want more time, then we email you a copy of your quotation which is valid for 30 days.

To learn more about how waste business can support you and your business, speak to our team today by calling 01223 902 750. 

Food Waste Cambridge 

Diversion of food waste away from landfill disposal has become a significant priority for local governments in the UK. The requirement to decrease carbon footprints and control prices is crucial.  Yet unlike other types of waste recycling, food waste still remains a significant problem and its creation of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more detrimental to the environment than carbon dioxide – is regarded as equal to 20 percent of car emissions in the UK.

Because of this, and in response to anticipated changes to food waste regulations, we are constantly coming up with innovative ways to dispose of, recycle and process food waste at the cheapest yet environmentally-friendly way possible.

Our food waste companies range from out-of-date packed food from supermarkets to food prep waste and leftovers from restaurants.

Let the food which you don’t consume give energy to the surroundings rather.  Contact Waste company now to learn more. 

At Waste company we provide all rugby travel & hospitality waste control at Cambridge.


What is Food Waste 

Food waste is all the inedible and edible portions of food that is created before and after food processing, production, and consumption.  It can contain small bones like chicken bones by a takeaway but can’t include larger bones like from a butcher (this requires specific certifications for disposing of within an abp (animal-by-product) bin)


Food Waste Containers

We provide 120, 240 litre wheeled containers for outside use. The 240-litre bin is the most frequently selected size for food waste collections.  See our containers page for more information. 


Why Food Waste Shouldn’t Enter General Waste Bins

By selecting a specific food waste collection and segregating food waste for proper disposal, you are making positive changes to decrease greenhouse gasses, and you’ll reduce the amount of waste that goes into your general waste bin. When you choose our meals waste service, we’ll provide your waste transport (wtd) and duty of care records, in addition to a proper sized container, and also a pre-agreed collection program to satisfy your waste needs.  Based on your business we might also recommend that you take other kinds of waste collections like general waste, glass collections or dry mixed recycling. We can have your bin delivered in 10 working days. Please telephone us today on 01223  (local rate call) if you have some queries.


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