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Food Waste Management Cambridge

Food Waste Management Cambridge

Food waste management that’s right up your street.

Waste business can organise a waste audit for you that will enable us to understand the industrial food waste collection needs of your business.  We all understand how important it is to eliminate food waste securely, and that’s exactly why we’ll provide a bespoke service tailored for your specific business requirements and waste volumes.  Find out more about our meals recycling approaches here.

How we Recycle Your Food Waste Cambridge

A food waste collection method is carried out by our team and then the waste is disposed of at one of our regional anaerobic digestion facilities.  This will be processed and finally converted into renewable energy.  Using this method we can help you control, and potentially reduce your waste costs by recycling commercial food waste into energy.

We also provide:

Award winning customer service. We would like to make managing your business recycling and waste as simple as possible, which explains exactly why our client services team are always available to help you.

Nationwide coverage. We pride ourselves on providing a local service, with the reassurance of a nationwide infrastructure.

Competitive pricing. Our industrial recycling and waste collection packages are competitively priced against local and national providers.  Get a quote for trash services and buy a squander contract online now today.

Innovative business recycling alternatives. We plan to divert as much waste from landfill as possible, using our network of specialist waste processing facilities.

Benefits of Using Waste Business

Waste business is among the UK’s leading food waste collection service suppliers. We’ll help you get ahead of anticipated new food waste regulations. We’ll help you divert your waste away from landfill. A nationwide service that’s in your street everyday

Food Waste Recycling

Our food waste recycling agency recycles the subsequent food waste: 

  • Industrial food by-product liquid and solid wastes from agriculture, manufacturing, food and drink processing.
  • Obsolete, un-saleable meals from stores and supermarkets
  • Food prep waste and left-over food(restaurant waste management)

packed food waste

  • Bakery waste. An outside container, clearly branded for food waste using colour coded lid and a fill line, will be provided. 

 Food could be placed either as loose waste or in bio-degradable bags, and then it should be deposited in the outside container ready for collection.  In case your business wants something different, we could provide food waste bag collection service in which space is at premium for bulk containers and tankers for larger quantities of waste.

Did you know? We collect 1.2 million tonnes of waste per annum and 280,000 bin collections per week.

Food Waste Recycling 

To get a quote for a food waste collection from Waste business, all you have to do is complete our online quote form.  As soon as you obtain your quotation, you can order your food waste collection on the internet.  Have a look at the responses to our frequently asked questions here. Get a quote now.  Fill in our online quote tool to receive your waste quote and order your new waste contract now! 

 Food Waste Composting Cambridge

If you generate large volumes of food and green waste, Waste company has a sustainable method to satisfy your needs. We operate two in-vessel composting plants that procedure around 100,000 tonnes of mixed food and green waste per year out of kerbside collections.  The enclosed vessels convert the waste into compost and soil conditioners which are utilized to restore landfill websites.

We also have three open windrow composting facilities which process green waste only.  Our facilities run continuously and procedure waste in an open environment with the presence of oxygen, processing approximately 87kt per annum.  We produce compost for a vast assortment of programs, from soil enrichment to high dressing.  All our products fulfill bsi pas 100 standards. 



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