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We provide a nationwide business recycling service for customers looking for an easy and effective way to boost your company’s recycling performance, achieve environmental compliance and management costs.


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 What’s Dry Blended Cleansing (dmr)?


The dry combined recycling collection service is a simple and effective way to eliminate your wash recyclable waste, which provides a cost-effective solution for you to manage your business recycling waste and comply with regulations and laws reduces your impact on the environment lowers the prices (due to landfill tax) which you’d face if your waste has been disposed of together our waste management service include:  award winning customer service.

We want to make handling your business recycling and waste as straightforward as possible, which is why our client services staff are always on hand to help you

Nationwide coverage

we pride ourselves on delivering a local service, with the reassurance of a nationwide infrastructure.

Competitive prices

 Our commercial recycling and waste collection packages are competitively priced against national and local suppliers.  Receive a quote for waste providers and buy a squander contract online now today.


Innovative business recycling solutions

We plan to divert as much waste out of landfill as possible, using our network of specialist waste processing facilities.


What can go on your dmr waste Cambridge?

Sterile dry recyclables composed of: newspaper recycling- e.g. dry paper waste, newspapers, office paper and magazines

cardboard — e.g. corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes and card

metal cans — e.g. clean, empty drinks cans and food tins

plastic — e.g. packaging movies, empty drinks bottles, rinsed out bottles, clean salad dressings, rinsed out microwaveable meal trays & margarine baths.

what is not permitted?

Examples of dmr contaminants include: black bags (because our drivers won’t have the ability to see if in the bag you will find recyclable materials)

waxed paper cups (takeaway/ single-use cups from most high street coffee shop chains)

crisp packets and sweet wrappers

food and canteen waste



jewellery and glass wood

fabrics or spans of strapping

tough and rigid plastics (e.g. piper, drums, window frames, other bulky/large non-compactable plastic things )

containers with any residue of food or hazardous material (e.g. paint tins or bleach bottles)


Facts about dry blended recycling:

we collect 1.2 million tonnes of waste per annum

280,000 bin sets each week

Waste categorisation & evaluation industries 


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