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Commercial Waste Management Milton

Located on the other side of the A14 from Cambridge, Milton is a village just north of the city. A total of four pubs exist in the village, three of which are grade II listed buildings. Two churches serve the parish of Milton, namely All Saints’ Church and a New Apostolic Church. Tesco is Milton’s most notable commerce activity landmark. The site also houses a coffee shop, ATM machines, recycling bins, as well as the only petrol station and dry cleaners in the village. Despite the fact that the village is quite small, it still has some commercial activity and therefore needs commercial waste management. 

At Cambridge Waste Management, we are pleased to be the one providing the picturesque place with affordable commercial waste management services. For residents, waste is collected every other Friday. In such instances, the waste is collected and sent to either Waterbeach recycling centre or Lincolnshire. For commercial waste, contact Cambridge Waste Management on 01223 902 750.  We are your local partner for all of your recycling and waste needs. We want to help you:

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce as much as you can
  • Encourage more recycling and
  • Make your business more environmentally friendly by using greener practices


Commercial Waste Collection Milton

Our experienced staff is passionate about waste management and can help you reduce waste generation and save money by recycling more. Waste collection is an important part of waste management. Before anything can be done with waste, including recycling, the waste has to be collected first. Our high-quality service and openness and transparency about pricing are values we take pride in – we are certified to international environmental standards. Our fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles contains the cleanest engines available on the market, and they are regularly serviced to ensure the best performance. We do not charge for administrative services such as bin replacements if one gets damaged or you do not have to begin with.

Through our waste audits, we will help you identify ways that your company can reduce the amount of waste it generates, saving you money and benefiting the environment. In order to reduce the number of miles your waste is transported by road, we use our local depot in Cambridge and our sorting and disposal facilities. Your general waste, recyclable waste, and food waste are all collected and recycled at the same location. This is a cutting-edge facility that sorts your recycling into different types so that it can be made into new products.


Commercial Waste Disposal Milton

Waste disposal is different for each type of waste. It is our goal to recycle as much of your general waste as possible, even if it is of a lower quality, thereby reducing landfill waste. Food waste will be converted into fertiliser and biofuel while plastic, paper and cardboard are recycled to their original states or paper and plastic products. Recently, plastic has been recycled to create clothes too!

Judging from the other commercial services available in Milton, other than Tesco, such as this general store that is open 24 hours a day and offers newspaper delivery, an Indian takeout counter, a barbershop, a flower shop, a bakery that serves hot pies, sandwiches, and other items, and a hair and beauty salon called Harmony, we know that Milton village in need of commercial waste management services that are affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly. 

Cambridge Waste Management is exactly what Milton needs. Give us a call today. When not disposed of properly or recycled, this waste could end up in the beautiful Tomkin’s Mead Nature Reserve or pollute the two nearby dams namely Todd’s Pit and Dickerson’s Pit. At Cambridge Waste, we strive to keep Milton clean and pollution-free.

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