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Commercial Waste Management Birmingham

The city of Birmingham is located in the heart of England, and it is the nation’s second-largest city. The vibrant city of Manchester, rich in history, arts, and culture, was the industrial capital during the Victorian era and a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse. As you can imagine, with that comes the inevitable waste that needs managing. 3BWaste Management services are polite, dependable, and quick, giving you a complete piece of mind. We’re a reputable and licensed waste removal company dedicated to removing waste from people’s homes and businesses in an ethical and timely manner. Want commercial waste service done right? Call us at 01223 902 750.

We handle all of the heavy lifting and waste removal from any location on your property. We provide an environmentally sustainable and practical alternative. Unlike skip hire, we will load everything for you, and we are a less expensive option for all kinds of waste removal services such as clinical waste, cardboard, hazardous waste, food waste and all other kinds of waste you may have. 

Commercial Waste Collection Birmingham

Businesses of all sizes in Birmingham can count on our proficient and efficient waste management team for their waste collection needs, ensuring that they won’t be disappointed. With a range of waste management services, including waste collection and disposal, we can provide waste management services customised to meet your needs. Our team will work with you to develop a strategy, collection schedule, and any special bins you need. With the ability to handle almost any type of waste, we service the entire Birmingham area.

All the waste we collect will either be recycled or incinerated for biogas or, as a last resort, sent to landfills. We take satisfaction in assisting in the upkeep of the Birmingham region as well as assisting local companies in thriving while decreasing their carbon footprint. We provide audits, skip hiring, and a full recycling service for a variety of items in addition to routine waste collections. We’ve dealt with a wide range of companies throughout the years and have lots of experience dealing with various types of waste.

Commercial Waste Disposal Birmingham

We take our employees’ health and safety very seriously. As a result, it is our responsibility to dispose of garbage responsibly and without endangering the public, the environment, or our waste managers. But we only deal with commercial waste. However, Birmingham City does not leave the community out of it. Birmingham has four Household Waste Recycling Centres, notably Perry Barr, Castle Bromwich, Tyseley, and Kings Norton, all of which encourage residents to recycle. A household recycling centre accepts a wide variety of items and is particularly useful for recycling or disposing of waste that cannot be recycled by household collectors or waste banks. This prevents fly tipping and further keeps the town clean. 

Short-term visitors and international tourists alike are attracted by the central location of the city’s cultural landmarks, museums, canals, and trendy bars and cafés, as well as its varied population and modern retail complex. Having a commercial waste service helps keep the above mentioned waste output to a minimum. Commercial waste management includes recycling, composting, incineration and landfilling. Landfilling is the oldest method of controlling waste. And for the longest time, it used to be, perhaps, the only way. But lately, recycling has gained traction and proven to be the best sustainable method. Below are some of the reasons why recycling is the best:

  • Six recycled tea bags could generate enough electricity to brew another cup of tea.
  • Glass and metal objects made from recycled materials consume 95 percent less energy than those made from ‘raw’ or ‘virgin’ materials.
  • Three 500ml drinks bottles recycled save enough energy to run a refrigerator for four hours.
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