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Bulky Service Removals Cambridge

Bulky Service Removals Cambridge

Large and bulky waste items like sofas, wardrobes and mattresses may often be difficult to get rid of.  Collections from charities, local councils and trash removals specialists are available across the nation but provide varying collection services.  To find out which one is most suitable for you, let’s look at the best methods to remove pesky waste.

Local Council’s Bulky Waste Collections

Most councils across the United Kingdom provide a bulky waste collection, although they differ when it comes to the states of the professional services they supply.  Some councils charge a fee for an whole collection, although others bill to remove one item.  In some instances, a three-piece suite which separates may count as three items.  With this in mind, it’s very important to check in the local council’s website so that you avoid any unwanted complications (or charges). Unless you’re older or registered as disabled, most councils are only able to collect bulky items from the pavement line at the edge of your premises.  In instances such as this, you’ll have to organize the items to be safely moved yourself ahead, with special care being given to manual handling techniques so as to avoid strain or injury. Each council differs with regards to the days they create collections. 

Some function collections onto a rota-style-basis, so you might want to coincide eliminating your furniture from your property with weekly or fortnightly collections.  Some guarantee collection inside an 8-day interval, whilst others might be able to make emergency collections when the problem warrants it. It’s worth noting that because of need, not all councils can guarantee landfill recycling or diversion of your bulky collections also it’s better to enquire about this when making your booking.


Bulky Waste Collections From Charity

Whether we’re talking about sofas, settees or sideboards, in case you have bulky items of furniture that are in a good, resellable condition, there are always other people who may make good use of them. 

 As long as the items have the fire security tag attached (where applicable), there are lots of charities across the united kingdom that will come and gather your furniture from you and sell them to encourage their cause. If you’ll be able to transfer the items into the shop yourself, it will reduce the expense to charity, but in most cases, the organisation will come and collect the furniture from the premises.  Some may have a two-week waiting list whilst others may operate a named-day collection.  Some may also charge a tiny extra fee for taking away the furniture, particularly if it’s within your premises.  Whatever the situation , it’s important that you check with the charity before going any further with donating bulky items.


On the Waste company website, you’ll find a list of local charities offering couch collections locally that might assist you on your search.


Waste Company’s Bulky Waste Collections 

As the UK’s biggest ‘man and van’ clearance company, Waste company may collect bulky waste items from the vast majority of locations around the UK. Our ‘man and van’ crap removal crews are specialists in collecting sofas from within properties.  We are able to remove a settee or sofa from the upstairs of a property as long as it is safe to do so.  

The only restrictions in place for this service are as follows: we are unable to remove sofas through windows, health and safety grounds and in the event the furniture exceeds the width of the doors of a property, then the doors should be eliminated before our teams arrive. If booked before 1pm, the collection can take place on the exact same day, therefore there’s no need to wait around or have your old furniture sitting in your garden or in your driveway awaiting a collection to turn up. 

On the afternoon of collection itself, we’ll send you a tracking link and also a text alert consequently, even in the event that you’re not at the property, you can be sure your bulky waste has been removed.this service may also collect multiple bulky items at once to make sure you get the most out of your money.  In the event you change your mind about just how much you really desire to have collected, our friendly field staff can simply add more, remove, and amend the fee.  Mattresses, television ‘s, washing machines, mattresses and cupboards… we all ‘ll get rid of them all for you. 

Digital Waste Transfer Notice

What’s more, you’ll realize that you’re getting rid of your bulky items responsibly.  Whether it’s a couch, a television or a washing machine, over 95% of all that we gather is recycled or diverted from landfill so that you may rest easy, knowing that using waste company, you’re doing your bit for the planet. Once your bulky items have reached the waste transfer station, you’ll be given a digital waste transfer notice that forms your duty of care, describes the contents of this collection and exactly what the recycle rate of this collection was.  This is stored on file for future reference, meaning you may have complete confidence in Waste company. If you’ve got bulky items which you’re all set to have accumulated, reserve your crap removal online or get our friendly office staff today. Removing crap.  It’s exactly what we do. We operate nationwide on-demand rubbish clearance and waste removal services, with over 120 vehicles and 300 directly employed staff.  Our core solutions include our industry-leading crap clearance service as well as our dumpster bag, skip hire and couch elimination services. Waste company has been ranked as the fastest-growing waste management company in Europe for three years working and featured on the Sunday times virgin Atlantic fast track for the last two decades.

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